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Hello guys. Sam here. I am a passionate web/mobile developer. My Hobbies include Japanese Anime and Manga, online gaming, cycling and swimming

Education History
Work Experiences
  • Mutall Data managers | 2016
  • K.I.C.D | 2015
my name is Samuel Kanyi
my latest works
Mountaintop Tours Company
Jilipe by Fintech
Nguo Yetu by westport
Chanuka na Plot mobile App
Good Samaritan
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repo Website

what I do

Frontend Development

Adept knowledge of javascript(es5/es6) to manipulate the DOM

Knowlede of React JS to build single page application, React router for routing and Redux for state management

Familiarity in Angular and Ember js

mastery of css3 an mobile responsive design

Knowledge and usage of various css frameworks Bootstrap4/materialize/bulma/semantic-ui

BackEnd Development

Mastery in server side using Object Oriented php

I have Knowledge of MVC design pattern (with a frameworks of my own)

Familiarity with popular php frameworks Laravel/cakephp/codeigniter

Node-JS enthusiast using express framework and mongoose for database.
Serve html using templating language ie handlebars/ejs/pub

Able to interface front and back end using MEAN stack approach

Mobile Development

Full object oriented using Java

Familiarity in Kotlin

Build Beautiful UI using flutter and react native

Server side programming Using Sqlite3

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Please Reach me through.

  • 0716276879
  • P.O. BOX 194 kiserian
  • amshelkanyi@gmail.com
  • amshelhack3r@gmail.com
  • amshel@mutall.com

Samuel Kanyi

Full Stack Developer